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Sudesh Kumar on Investing in Gold

By |February 23rd, 2014|

This opinion comes from India.  If you don’t know, India is the country that often foretells the future of Gold.

Sudesh Kumar: “Gold should be seen as one of the numerous investment options for accumulating wealth. The price of gold, which is primarily a commodity, tends to rise over time. Since investors do not adjust […]

Cornhusker Economics Outlook March 3-7

By |February 15th, 2014|

According to the Grant Island Independent the 9th annual Cornhusker Economics Outlook meetings are set to take place in March 2014.  Among other items on the agenda will be perspectives on the policy environment in Washington.  Also details on the much anticipated farm bill.

Stemming from efforts or lack thereof by Congress in January and […]

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    TELUS Opens $75 Million Next-Generation Cloud Computing Data Centre In Kamloops

TELUS Opens $75 Million Next-Generation Cloud Computing Data Centre In Kamloops

By |January 31st, 2014|

TELUS officially opened its state-of-the-art Internet Data Centre in Kamloops. One of eight TELUS Internet Data Centres across Canada, the Kamloops Internet Data Centre will serve as the foundation of TELUS’ next-generation cloud computing services for thousands of Canadian businesses. Designed to be scalable, the centre has the capacity to increase its physical footprint […]

Ancient Rainforest Discovered in Antarctica

By |August 11th, 2013|

Drilling of the seabed off Antarctica has revealed evidence of a rainforest that once flourished on the continent some 52 million years ago.

Scientists studying sediment cores discovered fossilized pollen that could only have come from a “near-tropical” forest covering the continent in the Eocene period, 34-56 million years ago. According to Australian scientist Kevin Walsh, […]

Book Review: The Human Quest

By |December 11th, 2012|

“Our challenge is not to save Earth, but to save ourselves,” writes Swedish scientist Johan Rockström in his new book, The Human Quest: Prospering Within Planetary Boundaries. “We believe this is the most important journey mankind has ever undertaken.”

The book, which was first distributed at the Rio+20 conference in June and is now available […]

Soft-Shell Robot Comes Complete With Cloaking Abilities

By |November 11th, 2012|

Cephalopods, like the octopus and cuttlefish, might not have the mass appeal of sharks or baby penguins, but they’re not any less amazing. When threatened (or hunting) these sea creatures are able to summon up instant camouflage, bathing their exterior in patterns and colors that allow them to blend in perfectly with their surroundings.

For centuries, […]

8 Stunning Examples of Solar Architecture

By |October 11th, 2012|

There’s a lot more that goes into solar architecture than just strapping solar panels to the outside of a building. Green architects with an eye for solar also need to think of things like how to maximize exposure to the sun, how best to design a structure that comfortably distributes heat, and how to […]

Volkswagen Building Massive Solar Park in Tennessee

By |September 11th, 2012|

Corporations everywhere appear to be eagerly embracing solar energy as a compliment to their traditional energy sources. From Apple to Wal-Mart to IKEA and General Motors, solar arrays are being built atop buildings and opposite plants and offices. Automaker Volkswagen has become the latest to pursue the latter, with the first photovoltaic panel being […]